Deployment Target - FAQ

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Here are some frequently asked questions about Deployment Target:

What is a "deployment target"?

The deployment target indicates the minimum OS version required to run the application.

Why should I need to change it?

Because you may want to use some functionality that is not available in older versions. One such case is using SSL Certificate Pinning which requires iOS 11 or using ML Kit via GeneXusAI, which also requires iOS 11.

What is the minimum supported deployment target?

The GeneXus Flexible Client is compiled with a deployment target of iOS 9.0, watchOS 4.0, and tvOS 10.0. Those are the minimum versions required, that is, you cannot use a lower deployment target.

Why would I want to use the lowest possible deployment target?

Because some older devices cannot be updated to newer OS versions. For example, the iPhone 4S (released 2013) does not support iOS 10, and so, if you set your deployment target to iOS 10, your users won't be able to run your application on an iPhone 4S.

I don't care about older devices. Can I use a higher deployment target?

Yes, you can, but unless you want to use some feature not available in older OS versions, you won't benefit from it.

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