HowTo: Create an Azure function app

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The purpose of this article is to explain the necessary steps to create an Azure function app. Since GeneXus 17 Upgrade 8 the supported functions apps are Net 6 and Runtime version v4.

Step 1

Create a new resource in the Azure portal. .


Step 2

Select Function App:


Step 3

Complete the required data:

  • Function App name
  • Resource Group
  • Runtime Stack (it must be .Net6)


Step 4

Select the Operating System (it can be any of them Windows, or Linux) in the "Hosting" tab.


Step 5

After going through the following tabs, just press the "create" button, and the following message will be displayed:


Note: Check the configuration of the function. They have to be Function Extensions Version = 4, and Functions Worker Runtime = dotnet-isolated.


Creating a function app using the Azure CLI

As explained in the Azure doc, you can create the Function app using commands, for example:

az group create --name $resourceGroupName --location $location
az storage account create --name $storageAccountName --location $location --resource-group $resourceGroupName --sku Standard_LRS
az functionapp create --name $functionName --storage-account $storageAccountName --consumption-plan-location $region --resource-group $resourceGroupName  --os-type Linux --runtime dotnet-isolated --functions-version 4