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Here are some frequently asked questions about Stack Overflow for GeneXus. 

1. Is Stack Overflow multi-language?

Yes it is. You can ask and respond questions in any of these three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. Keep in mind that Stack Overflow has a different community prefix for each language on their website:

  • - for Spanish.
  • - for Portuguese.
  • - for English.

2. How to receive an email on new questions about a tag (e.g: genexus).

1) Enter StackExchange filters webpage following this link.
2) Create a new filter for the tag you want Stackoverflow to keep you informed.



3) Finally, you have to confirm your email address.

3. How to add a Stack Overflow account id to a GXAccount.

1) First, you need to know your account id on StackExchange. Follow this link and go to your profile page.

Then, copy the number that appears in the URL at the top of the screen.


2) Edit your GXAccount adding the Stack Overflow account id.


4. How to search for an issue before posting a new question on Stack Overflow.

Follow this guide.

5. How to ask a good question on Stack Overflow.

Follow this guide.

6. What are tags and how should they be used?

Follow this guide.



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