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The Design System Object is a huge step forward in modeling Design Systems with GeneXus.

It has already been available for a while for beta testing in the GeneXus Beta Channel, and is now also available for the same purpose in GeneXus 17 Upgrade 5.
And in this upgrade, it is available only when you create a special flag in your GeneXus installation: You need to create a file named 'designsystem.flag' in the folder where GeneXus.exe is located

Why do you need to create a flag?

Achieving the highest quality and best UX is a very hard task, requires a lot of polishing of every corner. This feature still requires polishing in several areas, and that is why we are not releasing it officially in this upgrade yet.

Which is the technical status of the feature in this upgrade?

When you use it for Web development (on Web Panels), we expect you to have an overall good experience (except for reporting). The same, when importing from Sketch, or when creating a Design System from a Web Theme (using the Save As Design System option).
Parts that require still more work are: When using it for Panels (Native Mobile, Angular), or for reporting.


Please send any feedback through the Google Group available for beta testers, and help us to polish it for Upgrade 6!

Please join the Beta Testers Channel at for that, if you didn't already.

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