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This knowledge base implements the image repository for Visual testing in Native Mobile applications.

That means that it provides the backend storage for the reference images, the REST services required by the verifyScreenshot method, and the minimum UI components to review the comparison results on the web.



There is no minimum GeneXus version to build & run this KB, any upgrade of GeneXus 17 will do, but we highly recommend using the latest available version.


The deployment server must be accessible by the devices or simulators running the automated UI tests.

The web app must be accessible via HTTPS.

Building the web app

To build the web app, simply check out the KB from the GeneXus Server and perform a Build all.

How to collaborate

If you make changes and you want to share them with the community,

  1. Ask the GeneXus Team to get permissions via official support
    1. They will create a branch for you
  2. Commit your changes to that branch, acknowledging that they are of your own.
  3. Document your changes in this wiki
  4. Inform the team about it so that we can link your page to this document.

Thank you!


This KB, specifically the Trunk branch, is shared under Apache License 2.0.

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