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To create a chatbot in your Knowledge Base, you need to create an object of Conversational Flows type. To do so, select File > New > New Object, and in the Chatbots category choose Conversational Flows. Give it a name (for example, TravelAgencyBot).

GeneXus Web - Conversational Flow Object

Click on OK to create the Conversational Flows object.

GeneXus Web - Chatbot - Design tab

Note that it contains two TABS: Design and Tree.

Focus on the Design TAB.

In the left window, you can see that by default two boxes are already initialized: one with the title Greetings and the other with the title Hello World. They are called flows.

Each flow represents an intention. That is, the user's purpose, what they want or are looking for (greeting, asking a question, etc.). 

As you select a flow in the left window, in the right window you can define everything necessary for that flow (possible user inputs and the answers that the chatbot returns accordingly).

These flows can be edited, deleted, and new ones can be added.

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