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The GeneXus IDE main window is called Start Page.

It dynamically displays technical information about GeneXus and the GeneXus community (news, as well as solutions posted by other developers).

It also shows recently used projects available to be opened and it offers the chance to create a new project.

Furthermore, some extra tabs provide more functionalities:

  • Learn: Provides links to materials available at
  • Samples: Allows you to show and download some of the best GeneXus samples
  • Marketplace: Allows you to download User Controls, Extensions, etc from the Marketplace
  • Update: Shows downloaded content from Marketplace that can be updated

By default, when you run GeneXus, the Start Page is opened. If you close it, you can open it again by selecting View > Start Page.

Note: Not all the components are displayed when no internet connection is available.


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