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GeneXus provides a powerful search engine that allows you to quickly find anything in your Knowledge Base. You can search for any given text or even for specific property values (anything having property X with value Y).  See Full-Text Search in Knowledge Base

This capability is also used in applications, as Full-Text Search can make the difference in some scenarios. Full-Text Search enables searching over non-structured information such as a "Comments" field in a Customer Transaction. In general, these fields contain information entered by the end user as a reminder of features that do not fit in other fields.  The content of this field may be, for example, "This is Mary's brother," "Missing accounting information," or "Blond, good looking." Searching the content of this Comments field cannot be easily programmed and that is when Full-Text Searching (FTS) comes to the rescue. FTS may also be used for searching things like "InvoiceTotal:2500" if this is all you remember of something you want to find.

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