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Access Denied when connecting to remote licenses.

The solution in almost all cases is related to some DCOM permissions in the client PC and here are listed the step to get the solution.
In addition, other causes can be the source of the problem and they are listed here and in SAC # 22835.

Protection Server 6.7 or later is required

The following error appears when running GeneXus:

Authorization Required
Protection Server 6.7 or later is required, you have version UNKNOWN on "machinename"

Install the latest GeneXus Protection Server and retry, if the problem still occurs please enable the Protection Server logging or change manually the configuration as follows:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\ARTech\GeneXus Authorizer\Programs

Reproduce the problem again, the error will be detailed on the log file.

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