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Prints the document in the default printer.   


&DataType.Print( [ Preview [ , Background ] ] )

Indicates whether or not the document will be displayed on screen before printing it. Possible values are 1 (the document is displayed) and 0 (the document is not displayed). This parameter is optional and the default value is 0.
     Indicates whether there will be background printing (1) or not (0). If background printing is indicated, the control will be returned to the caller program while the printing is in process. If the document is closed in the program before the printing is completed, the printing will be cancelled. This parameter is optional and the default value is 1.

Type Returned:


Extended Data Types: ExcelDocument, WordDocument
Generators: Visual FoxPro (up to GeneXus X Evolution 3)


  • ExcelDocument: the Background parameter is not supported.
  • In order to use this method, you must set the “Functions” property to “Allow Non-Standard Functions On Saving” in design and the prototype/production “Functions” property to “Allow Non-Standard Functions On Specifying”.
  • This method returns an error code, so it can be called as a function (&Err = &DataType.Print(…..)).

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