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Sends a printblock to the report's output media.


Print printblock-name


The Print command used in the Procedure Source of a Procedure object is the only command that causes a printblock to be sent to the report's output media. Printblocks are containers used to design an output format, and they can be made up of attributes, variables, images, and so on.


In the following figure, two printblocks are defined:

Layout Pb_Body

The first one, called Pb_Header, contains information about the report's header while the second, called Pb_Body, contains the relevant information.

The code to access the table and print it is as follows:

   Print Pb_Header

For each order AirlineName
    Print Pb_Body

Note that the header is printed in a group labeled "Header", which is executed by GeneXus every time there is a page top. The Print of the report's body is executed within the command's body For Each command that accesses the database.

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