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Control Description

The PhotoGallery control provides an elegant way of displaying and interacting with pictures using Silverlight technology.

The control was extended to manage Ajax events that are handled from GeneXus code (server side) allowing you to work with the currently selected image.

Using the control

The control loads an SDT called PhotoData where you can specify the photos (collection) that will be displayed by the control. Each item (PhotosData.PhotosDataItem) of the PhotosData collection has the following properties:

  • Id: this is an internal ID useful for identifying the image when handling the control's PhotoChanged events
  • Image: this is the url of the full-size image
  • Description: this is a text that will be displayed under the picture


PhotoData {
PhotoDataItem Input &i=1 to 16
{ Id = trim(&i.ToString())
Image = "PhotoGallery/sampleImages/photo" + trim(&i.ToString()) + ".jpg"
Description = "photo" + trim(&i.ToString()) 
} }

Control properties


Sets the width of the control


Sets the height of the control


Title of the PhotoGallery

SelectedPhotoId ID of the Selected Photo




PhotosDATA SDT with all the images to be displayed.


Control Events

Every time you change the current photo an event to the server is triggered, allowing you to know what image is currently being displayed. This can be accomplished using the SelectedPhotoId as follows:

Event photoGallery1.PhotoChanged
     textBlock.Caption = "Selected photo Id " + photoGallery1.SelectedPhotoId 

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