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GeneXus Knowledge Bases evolve from version to version as more knowledge is added to them. Conversion is the process that transforms the Knowledge Base structure from one GeneXus version to a newer one. It takes place when a Knowledge Base from previous versions is opened with a newer GeneXus version.

This document introduces the conversion procedure. It should be used as a guideline for converting Knowledge Bases to GeneXus X.

After a successful conversion the Knowledge Base is ready to be used with GeneXus X. The original Knowledge Base in previous version format is saved to the \Backup Knowledge Base subfolder. The Output information is saved to a file named "conversion.txt" located in the Knowledge Base directory.

Use the Navigation Comparer to compare the object navigation lists between the initial version and GeneXus X version. This will allow you to see the differences that may arise because of the improvements/changes introduced in this version. 


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