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The Fusion Charts User Control enables your web site to display incredible, dynamically generated charts. The Fusion Charts control is based on http://www.fusioncharts.com/free/ which provides a free set of charts based on Flash technology.



Using the control

To start using the control, drag the Fusion Charts Control to a web panel (or transaction). After that you will see the chart in your web form and its properties in the Properties window (which can be activated from the View menu). In addition, when dropping the Fusion Charts Control, one Structured Data Type (FusionChartsData) and one Data Provider (DPFusionChartsData) will be imported.

The main idea is that you will give the Fusion Charts Control a FusionChartsData based variable containing the x,y values that have to be displayed in the chart. The FusionChartsData SDT contains three fields:

  • SeriesName: X values to be displayed in the X axis
  • SeriesValue: Y values
  • SeriesColor: color to be used for this series

Example using the provided Data Provider:

//the Data Provider outputs a FusionChartsData SDT
        SerieName  = "Product A"
        SerieValue = 10
        SerieColor = "8BBA00"
        SerieName  = "Product B"
        SerieValue = 20
        SerieColor = "D64646"
//Sample code for FusionChartsData
Sub 'FusionChartsDataSample'
  &FusionChartsData = DPFusionChartsData() //&FusionChartsData is based on FusionChartsData SDT

Event Start
   Do 'FusionChartsDataSample'

The example shown above will create a chart like the one below:


Control Properties

Property Description
Caption Main Chart Caption
ControlName Name of the control
decimalPrecision Decimal Precision
formatNumberScale Format Number Scale
FusionChartsData SDT &variable that contains the data
FusionChartsType Chart Type
Height Chart height in pixels
PathToCharts Path to charts, needs to be changed according to the generator (eg for .NET and Ruby FusionChartsControl/Charts/ and for Java ../static/FusionChartsControl/Charts/)
Width Chart width in pixels
numberPrefix Number Prefix (eg: $)
Random Default: True ; indicates that a different chart type will be displayed when the page is refreshed
SubCaption Sub Chart Caption
xAxisName Title to show on X axis
yAxisName Title to show on Y axis
VersionNumber User control version number



Please refer to http://www.fusioncharts.com/free/TermsOfUse.asp?gMenuItemId=9

To do list

  • Add support for multi-series chart 

To install it

Please visit: Default Installation Instructions for User Controls.

Contact information

Please send feedback to: acardoso@simplifica.com.uy

Change Log

2008/04/01: New properties added (PathToCharts and VersionNumber).
2008/04/26: Version 1.2 uploaded. FusionChartsData property was not properly assigned.
2008/08/12: Minor fix to support more than one graph on the same web panel