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GeneXus supports the easyly reading and writing of XML files, through the XMLReader and XMLWriter extended data types.

To read an XML file, you just have to create a variable ot the XMLReader Data Type, and then, through the different methods and properties of the data type, obtain the information about the nodes.  

There is a Read() method that behaves like a cursor moving forward through the file one node at a time. Using some properties, such as Name and Value, it is possible to obtain the node’s data -in this case, its name and value. Therefore, the method Read() is used to “navigate” through the document in a sequential way obtaining its different nodes.

On the other hand, a variable of GeneXus data type XMLWriter must be defined in order to record XML files. Again, through the different methods (ie: Open, WriteBeginElement, WriteElement, etc) and properties of the data type, you can 'write' the nodes of the file.

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