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When working with web objects you may want to use tables to align the controls in the webform with the aim of improving design. A table consists of rows and columns, divided into cells, in which the controls are positioned. Any web control can be inserted in a cell, and the tables can be nested.

Table icon To add a Table control to the selected location, drag one from the toolbox Table icon onto the Web Form:


Editing Tables

Tables have many configurable properties, such as the BorderWidth property, BorderColor property, etc.


For editing tables, you have a contextual menu, which lets you insert and delete any rows or columns you wish, as well as adding attributes. Simply right-click the table or any cell:


Cells also have configurable properties. Among these, you will find the RowSpan property and ColSpan property, which allow a particular cell to occupy more than one row and/or column respectively. 


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