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This extension adds a Community menu to the menubar. Each menu item opens a URL in the Start Page.



  • Community Extension can now be downloaded directly from Extensions section in GeneXus X Start Page or from GeneXus Marketplace


Sample runtime image



You can configure if you want each option to be opened in GeneXus Start Page or in your default browser. To do so, go to Tools => Options and select Community from the tree menu in order to see the properties.


Project Configuration

Add to your project a new file called CommunityCatalog.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Project Name="Community" Location=".">
        <File Name="Community.dll" Target="Packages" />
        <File Name="Community.pdb" Target="Packages" />

Modify the project post-build event command line to:

"$(GX_SDK_DIR)\Tools\Updater" ..\..\CommunityCatalog.xml ..\..\ "$(GX_PROGRAM_DIR)"\ $(Configuration)
"$(GX_PROGRAM_DIR)"\Genexus /install

When your project is built, it will be copied to the GeneXus version and installed.

Change Log

Feb 12th, 2008: v1.0 released

Mar 10th, 2008: v1.1 re-uploaded due to compatibility changes

June 16th, 2008: URL to forums uptated

Dec 7th, 2010: Removed links to GeneXus Gallery. Added one for GeneXus Marketplace. Added link to open source user controls projects


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