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This section describes the process followed by GeneXus X to transform each object's image reference (image path)  to an internal object (Image object), when importing a previous version xpz o during conversion process.

Importing Images from Version 9.0

GeneXus 9.0 does not have an Image object but applications written in this version have images references (paths to images) in properties, code, etc.

When importing an export created with GeneXus 9.0 or converting a KB 9.0, GeneXus X creates an Image object for every image reference in properties. Say, for example, an export has a Web Panel whose Form Background is set to the image "images/FormBackgroundImage.jpg". When imported into GeneXus X, a new Image Object named "FormBackgroundImage" will be created and the Web Panel's Form Background property will reference this new Image object. The actual image in this example may be automatically loaded into the Image Object if the file "images/FormBackgroundImage.jpg" exists.

Note that the example shows a relative path. For import purposes, the current directory is the one where the export file is located.

Then, to import an export file created with GeneXus 9.0 and all references to images automatically you must place the export file in a given directory and all images referenced by it either in the corresponding (sub)directories or as (sub)directories of the directory pointed to by the Base Image Path property. Note that images with absolute paths are always imported as external images. The same criteria applies to KB conversion.

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