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The Group control enables the creation of a visual framework that contains other controls and helps the user to understand their purpose.
Simultaneously, it facilitates the tabbing navigation for visual user agents and speech navigation for speech-oriented user agents (related to improving the Accessibility for Web Applications).

Then, the grouping of semantically related controls within a form is an important aspect of providing additional information so users can understand and complete a form successfully. It improves usability and gives support for accessibility.


To add a Group control to the selected location, drag the corresponding icon from the toolbox to the Web Form.

Assign a caption to the control as shown in the figure below.

Group control at design


The group control is generated as an HTML fieldset tag.

The Caption property of the Group control allows assigning a legend element to the group. The legend improves accessibility.

Style for the Group Control

It can be configured through the Group Class in the Theme.


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