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In case of conflicts when updating objects from a Remote Knowledge Base, details if a merging strategy is set or not.


Yes When a conflict is detected when updating objects, it automatically tries to merge objects.  This is the default value.
No Does not merge objects when a conflict is detected when updating objects; the objects are overridden and the conflict must be resolved manually.


Specifies whether a merge is automatically done when a conflict is detected when updating objects in a Team Development environment.

When an update operation is executed, if any of the new objects coming from the GeneXus Server were modified in the local knowledge base, an automatic merge strategy will be used to maintain both server and client changes if this property is enabled.

Otherwise, the local object revision will be overridden with the server one, detailing this status in the Team development output section.

To solve this issue you will have to solve it manually checking the objects revisions.


This Property has been removed since Xev2 RC version.

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