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One way of highlighting certain words in a text (for instance when displaying a full text search result) is by using the TextSearch.HTMLPreview function.

Suppose you want to provide users with a way of performing full text search queries in disk files.

In this example, the webform displays a grid (SearchResultsGrid) which loads all the search results for the given query.

We defined the following variables:

  • &SearchResult of SearchResult DataType
  • &SearchResultItem of SearchResultItem DataType
  • &File of File DataType
  • &Title and &Preview are character variables

The Web Panel's "Search" event is as follows:

Event 'Search'
    &SearchResult = TextSearch.Find(&searchpattern,&items,1)
    for &SearchResultItem in &SearchResult.Items()
        &title       = &searchResultItem.Title
        &title.Link  = &searchResultItem.Viewer
        &file.Source = &SearchResultItem.Id
        &preview     = TextSearch.HTMLPreview(&file,&searchpattern,'HTML','<span STYLE="COLOR: red"> ','</span>',200,1)

Note that in this case the TextSearch.HTMLPreview function receives a File DataType variable as the first parameter. The &file variable source is the &SearchResultItem.Id value because the &SearchResultItem.Id value matches the value with which the file indexing was done.

By default, the value for a file is the full name path of the file.

Remember the indexing process for files : Full Text Search Examples - Indexing

So in runtime..


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