Object References (X Evolution 2)

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In some situations you may need to know the interrelationships between Knowledge Base objects. The References menu option, listed in the contextual menu of each object, allows you to know these relations.

References - Contextual Menu

Using this menu option you can get to know two things: objects that refer to an object and those which are referenced by it.

The following image shows references made from and to the AppMasterPage Web Panel.

References - To AppMasterPage Sample

The Object References window has two panes. On the left one, objects referencing the selected object are shown. On the right one, the referenced ones.

Note. Names in italics indicate that the object can be deleted even though references to it exist.

The name of the object whose references are shown is displayed at the top of the window. Type a new name or select one using the advanced selector –three dots button- to change it.

References - Filtering names

Note. With the Group References by Type check box you can group the objects by type in their own windows.