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-1 Method not implemented The selected method is not implemented
0 Ok The operation was successful
2 Workbook no longer valid This happens when a workbook has been opened from a program and is manually closed by the user
3 Application no longer valid  This happens when Excel is manually closed by the user
4 Invalid template The name of the template does not exist.
5 Invalid worksheet name The spreadsheet does not have a worksheet with the specified name
6 Invalid font properties The specified font or properties are wrong
7 Invalid cell value The selected cell does not have a valid value
8 Invalid cell coordinates The selected cell coordinates are out of range 
9 Invalid file name The selected file does not exist
10 Could not open file The selected file could not be opened 
11 Error running macro An error occurred during the execution of the RunMacro method
12 Could not save file The selected file could not be saved
13 Can not modify a readonly document The selected file is readonly

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