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This property returns the following:

- Number of messages to be received, in the case of MAPISession/OutlookSession/POP3Session
- Number of elements in the collection, in the case of MailRecipientCollection/StringCollection



Type Returned:


MAPISession/OutlookSession/POP3Session: It returns the number of messages which meet the folder opening requirements, and which will therefore be received.
i.e.: If the folder or the session is opened specifying that only the unread messages will be received (via the NewMessages property), it will return the unread messages. But if the folder is opened specifying that all messages will be received, it will return all the messages.

This property is read only, so it cannot be assigned.


Extended data types MailRecipientCollection Data Type, MAPISession Data Type, OutlookSession Data Type, POP3Session Data Type, StringCollection Data Type
Languages .NET, Java, Ruby (up to Genexus X Evolution 3), Visual FoxPro (up to Genexus X Evolution 3)

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