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GeneXus X enables the entire development team to work in an integrated way, thus enhancing productivity and the quality of applications. It enables integration of all the Knowledge in the Knowledge Base and also better integration with other Applications.

Knowledge Integration

As from this version, all the project's associated knowledge is stored in the Knowledge Base. This includes documents, Files, Images, Business Process definitions and Business Process diagrams and Patterns.

Wiki Documentation

The project documentation and organization is an essential part of a development process, mainly in its initial stages. However, it continues to be important during all development instances, not only in the generation of new documentation but also when incrementing or iterating documentation that was generated in previous stages. GeneXus X meets these requirements with the new Documentation object which uses wiki technology and adds value to the documentation corresponding to each object. See more ...


Project related files or any file can be stored in the Knowledge base. That helps you to manage the knowledge and keep it all together. Knowledge exchange via Knowledge Manager (Import / Export) handles them like any other object. See more ...

Image Object

Images are also stored in the Knowledge Base as Image Objects. Applications use them, and one Image object can have several image files associated: Application will use the image file corresponding to the Language or Theme in use. 

See more ...

Business Process definitions 

GXflow is integrated into the GeneXus X IDE. See more ...

Application Integration

External Object

External Objects (EO) allow you to access external resources from the KB as if they were just another object. Wizards let you import and define the interface with external applications in a very easy way. They let you import Web Services definition, .NET assemblies, Java classes or even Enterprise Java Beans. Stored procedures are also declared as external objects. As though all these external sources are defined in the Knowledge base and can then be handled as any other GeneXus Object or Data type.

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Moreover, in case of web services, this version includes new functionalities both to provide and consume services. See the details

Database Reverse Engineering

Database Reverse Engineering tool is integrated into the GeneXus X IDE.  That makes Reverse engineering much easier. See more...

Team Integration

The whole project team can work at the same time on a KB. During the whole project cycle several actors will access the KB and do different tasks, documenting, testing, developing, analyzing, deploying, managing, debugging. All of them can work together, on the same knowledge ... stored in the KB.
It's much easier to work with GeneXus X in a team. For example, there is no exclusive KB access required when modeling data.
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Object's Universal Id

Each Object has an associated GUID. That means that an object is unique in the world. That means that you can export an object, rename it in another kb and import it back ... and the Object will also be renamed in this KB.
This helps team integration a lot.

Version Comparer

Each change in the KB is kept in the history. So you can view the history of each object. And not just that: You can compare different versions of an object and even more: compare different versions of different objects.
If a team member sends you changes, you can easily verify what's been changed.

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