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A string that represents the XML namespace.


Level: SDT member

Runtime/Design time

This property applies only at design time.


Consider the following Structured Data Type:

    Item1 Num(4)
    Item2 Char(20)

which is populated throughout the following code:

   item1 = 1 
   item2 = 'Value'

When the Item1 XML Namespace property value is set to "MYNAMESPACE," the SDT XML representation will be as follows:

<SDT1 xmlns="Knowledge Base" >
   <Item1 xmlnls="MYNAMESPACE">1</Item1>


  • If this property value is not set, the default value (the SDT namespace) will be XMLNamespace.
  • If an XML Name value is set, but the XML Namespace is not set, the namespace is NOT inherited and an empty namespace is used.
  • If the XML Name is not set, the namespace is not passed along.

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