Multiple Calendar Control

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The Multiple Calendar Control allows displaying multiple calendars for a single date selection. The control allows customizing how many calendars should be displayed either horizontally or vertically.

Multiple Calendar Control picture 1 Multiple Calendar Control picture 2


The control works with an associated Date variable. When the control is loaded it displays the date in the mid-calendar and also displays additional calendars for future and past month. The number of future and past month to display can be customized as supposed.

 Control properties


Sets the number of addition calendars to display


Sets control´s height

FirstDayOfWeek Sets which day of the week should be displayed in the first column of the calendar
ShowNoneButton Shows a None button in order to select an empty date
ShowTodayButton Shows a Today button in order select the current date
RedWeekDay Sets which day of the week should be displayed with red color

Control Events

Every time you select a date in the calendar the DateChanged event is triggered and can be attended as follows:

Event CalendarWebFX1.DateChanged


Please visit: Default Installation Instructions for User Controls to install it.

To download the Multiple Calendar Control enter the MarketPlace: Download here