Simple Image SlideShow Control

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The Simple Slide Show control allows displaying a series of images in an automated slide show. It can be customized by setting properties like transition time between images, size and fade duration. The control also has the ability to retrieve new images from the server using AJAX every time it runs out of pictures.

Simple Slide Show control picture 1


The control loads an SDT named SlideShowData where you can specify the images (collection) that will be displayed by the control. Each item (SlideShowData.SlideShowDataItem) of the ImagesData collection has an ImageLink property where the image URL is specified below the picture:


Sub 'SimpleSlideShowSample'

&imageItem.ImageLink = image1.Link
&imageItem = new()
&imageItem.ImageLink = image2.Link()
&imageItem = new()
&imageItem.ImageLink = image3.Link()


Control properties


Sets control´s width


Sets control´s height


Sets the speed for images transition


Sets the cross face duration between images (only works in IE)


Sets if images should be resized preserving its aspect ratio and fitting the control´s width and height




SlideShowData SDT with all the images to be displayed.

Control Events

Every time the control displays all the given images in the SlideShowData SDT it has the ability to go to the server (through AJAX) in order to load new images to display. This can be accomplished through the GetImages event as follows:

Event simpleSlideShow1.GetImages

&imageItem.ImageLink = image1.Link() &images.Add(&imageItem) &imageItem = new() &imageItem.ImageLink = image2.Link() &images.Add(&imageItem)


Visit: Default Installation Instructions for User Controls to install it.

Download the Simple Image SlideShow Control from teh MarketPlace: Download here