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To store long text descriptions.


LongVarChar(M, N)

Maximum length value. If the length assigned to the attribute is greater than what is actually supported by the DBMS then the DBMS' maximum will be used.

Average length value.


The following table illustrates the properties used to define the Data Type:



The LongVarChar data type is designed to store a large number of characters, for example maintaining a large text with customer information.

The Maximum Length of LongVarChar attributes or variables is the following: 33,563,648. The maximum Average Length is 255.

For values higher than 9,999, you can only define as maximum, values that are a multiple of 1Kb. If, for example, you enter the value 10,000, the field is actually defined with size 10,240 (the multiple of 1Kb immediately higher).

The following document states which data types are used for each DBMS: Data types of attributes in the DBMS


LongVarChar attributes cannot be:

  • Part of an index (this also means that they cannot be part of a primary key).
  • Defined as redundant.

GeneXus does not control that the size defined by the developer is supported by the DBMS. This implies that if in GeneXus an attribute is defined with size AttSize and the maximum value supported by the DBMS is MaxDBMS, with MaxDBMS being smaller than AttSize, and you try to insert a chain of characters of size StrSize, with MaxDBMS smaller than StrSize, and this is smaller or equal to AttSize, an error will occur at execution time, depending on the DBMS.

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