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Initial Value Property

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To allow initializing an attribute with a constant value as well as a formula, provided it is added to a table (any table) in a database reorganization.


This property is useful to initialize attributes that are added to the database with a specific value, at the moment the reorganization is executed.

The values to be given to the property must correspond to the attribute data type.

The Impact Analysis Report and the Database Creation Report show the property value when the attribute is new in a table.

If the property value is not valid for the data type, no message is issued. The Impact Analysis Report will display Null as a value to be assigned. 

Values per Data Type

Numeric   Value     i.e.  123
Numeric w/decimals  Value with dot as decimal separator          i.e.  123.45
Character     Value in quotes or between apostrophes     i.e.  “GeneXus”
VarChar            Same as Character data type  
Long VarChar  Same as Character data type  
Date                 Format YY[YY]-MM-DD   i.e. 2003-11-05
Datetime    Format YY[YY]-MM-DD[ HH[:MIN[:SS]]]  i.e. 03-11-05 03:45


Languages: .NET, Java, Ruby, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro

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