Google Gadget User Control

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This control allows you to include any Google gadget inside your application.

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GadgetURL: This property indicates the location of the gadget. This is the parameter pass to the main Url Gadget.

The value could be set on runtime, with a code like this : 

Control.GadgetURL = 'URL_VALUE'
              Where Url_Value is as follows, when you get the gadget code: < script src=""> </script >

Title, width and heigth:  are not take into account yet. However could be set inside the Gadget Url (this depends on the specific implementation of the gadget).


   1.1  - The url property is a combo where you can choose among the different predefined values.
   1.0 -  The Url property is a text value where you can write the gadget Url.