Commitment property

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Enables and disables the transactional integrity controls in the generated programs.


Disabled The program is generated with no transactional integrity controls.
Enabled The program is generated with the transactional integrity controls. This is the default value.



  • This option is ignored for Client Server (DB/2 and Oracle Generators) because these DBMSs do not allow to deactivate the Transactional Integrity facility.
  • iSeries environment: This property is only valid:
    • When working in a centralized environment.
    • When working in a client/server environment the object is called via RPC. For example, if we are working in a C/S environment and the object where we want to disable the commitment is a visual program (e.g.: Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro), the property is not valid. In this case, what we can do is create a Cobol or RPG program (disabling the commitment control so that the commit is performed) and call it via RPC.


Objects: Procedure, Transaction
Platforms: Web(.Net, Java)

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