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Reads a numeric type field of the current line (read by dfrnext).




    It can be an attribute or variable of Numeric type. The read value will be stored here.

Type Returned:


Objects: Procedure, Transaction, Web PanelData Provider
Generators:.NET, .NET Framework, Java, Ruby (up to GeneXus X Evolution 3)


This function may return some of the following values:

Values Result Definition
0 Successful operation The field has been read
-1 Wrong sequence It occurs when this function is called before calling the dfrnext function, or when the last call to dfrnext returned a value other than zero (error). If the trace is enabled, you will see the ADF0004 or ADF0006 message.
-5 Wrong format The number in the field does not have the correct format. This is mostly because the field you try to read is of a different type (character, date, etc.). If the trace is enabled, you will see the ADF0008 message.


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