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Saves a character type field in the current record of the delimited ASCII file.


DFWPTxt( text [ , length ] )


   It can be an attribute, variable or constant of the character type. Its value will be that saved in the corresponding field.

   It can be an attribute, variable or constant of the numeric type and it is optional. It indicates the number of characters to be saved.  In case they are omitted, it is assumed as the size defined for the <txt> parameter.

Note: If the parameter encoding was specified in the function DFWOpen, this length means “number of bytes”.

Type returned:


Objects: Procedure, Transaction, Web Panel, Data Provider
Generators:  .NET, .NET FrameworkJava, Ruby (up to GeneXus X Evolution 3).


This function may return some of the following values:

Value Result Description
 0 Successful operation The field has been saved.
-1 Wrong sequence It occurs when this function is called before calling the DFWOpen function, or when the last call to DFWOpen returned a value other than zero (error). If the trace is enabled, you will see the ADF0004 message.


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