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Determines the height of a control. A numeric value must be assigned.


control. Height = Expression

    Is the name of a control inserted in the form

    Is a numeric that represents the control’s height.
    Tables, table cells and embedded pages: if we enter a number, the height will be expressed in pixels. If we enter a number followed by a ‘%’ the height will be expressed in relation to the control container height.
     In Edit control Height is given in rows. In runtime this value is included as a row attribute of the textarea.


Design Time: Applies to Bitmap type Variables, Embedded Pages, Images, Tables, Table’s Cells.
Execution Time: Applies to Button, Check Box, Combo Box, Dynamic Combo Box, Dynamic List Box, Edit, Frame, Free Style Grids, Grids, List Box, Radio Button, Tables, Text.


Photo.Height = 200 (photo is a bitmap control)
The bitmap control’s height will be 200 pixels.
Edit control Height = 2row is created as <textarea row=2 ....>


Objects: Transaction, Web Panel
Platforms: Web(.Net, Java)
Controls: Embedded Page, FreeStyle Grid, Grid, Image, Table

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