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It specifies whether the connections to the database will be recycled. Its purpose is to close connections that have not been used for a certain time (Recycle time), provided they are in a “disconnectable” status, without pending commits or open cursors.


True The pool connections are recycled. This is the default value.
False The pool connections are not recycled.


When a client logs into the application and requests a connection to the pool, the pool checks whether the time defined in the Recycle Time property has elapsed since the connection was created. If that given number of minutes has not elapsed and the connection is available, then it is assigned. If the given number of minutes has elapsed and the connection is in a “disconnectable” status, then the connection is destroyed, an available connection is found and assigned to the client.

It may happen that all connections available in the pool are in this status; then, the pool will destroy them one by one and create a new one to be assigned to the client.

The purpose of this property is to avoid a connection to be indefinitely open and become corrupted for some reason.


Acces technology set: JDBC
DBMSs: SQL Server, Oracle, iSeries Native, DB2 UDB, Informix, PostgreSQL, MySQL

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