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URL Rewrite is a requirement for publishing Rest Services (generated with .NET)

How to install it?

1. In case of IIS7 / 7.5 (distributed by Windows 7, Vista and 2008) and 8 (distributed by Windows 8), you have to follow these steps:

a. Go to this URL and click 'Install':


b. Select 'URL Rewrite' and click 'Install' button:


c. Click 'Accept' button:


Important: If the dialog change to Web platform 3.0


It's strongly recommended,  in the first step (a), download and run the setup locally


If Rest pages doesn't work properly, given the 404 error, means that an IIS configuration is pending.

"%WINDIR%\Microsoft.Net\Framework\v3.0\Windows Communication Foundation\ServiceModelReg.exe" –i

 Or it is required browser directory permission on IIS. for more information see URLRewrite - Common issues

2. In case of IIS5 or IIS6 (distributed by Windows XP, Windows 2003) , you have to follow these steps:

a.Download IIRF from (Windows XP needed version

b. Install as explained in (Installing IIRF), To sum up, it implied:

       b1. Unzip the files
       b2. IIRF.dll file permissions, depending on the operating system:
                                Windows Xp --> user ASPNET 

                   Windows 2003 --> IIS_WPG group


      b3. Include this file (IIRF.dll) such as ISAPI Filter: Default Web Site -> properties -> isapi filters -> Add y alli seleccionar la IIRF.dll.


      b4. Include Mime type: Virtual directory -> properties-> Http Headers -> MIME Types , include extension = .json, mimetype: text/plain


      b5. Include .svc extension in aspnet_isapidll. It means Virtual Directory -> properties-> configuration -> mappings: .svc extension with aspnet_isapi.dll. 
             It may already exist, by default


      b6. Configure permissions of .SVC with Limit to=GET, HEAD, POST, DEBUG. Like the following picture:

            SVC configuration in IIS6


Note:In order to deploy an application under IIs 6 or lower, the iirf.ini file must e included. This file has the rewrite rules and is generated when IIIS version property is set to "IIS 6 or lower"

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