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Course videos: english, spanish, portuguese.  Portuguese videos are under translation.

Title of the video at "GXtraining site-SPANISH" Duration Title of the video at "GXtraining site-ENGLISH"
Creación de la metadata 0:04:48 Metadata creation
Seguridad 0:04:52 Security
Consulta con salida Pivot table 0:08:44 Query with Pivot table output
Pivot table: Más ejemplos  0:04:46 Pivot table: More examples 
Consulta con salida Table 0:09:25 Query with Table output 
Consultas con salida Chart (Parte I) 0:06:16 Queries with Chart output (Part I)
Consultas con salida Chart (Parte II) 0:05:17 Queries with Chart output (Part II)
Drill down: de lo general a lo particular 0:03:03 Drill down: From the general to the particular
Formato condicional 0:02:54 Conditional format





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