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All standard generated jscripts and CSS are compressed by default reducing required bandwith and increasing performance.




Default Value =Yes (if a Java virtual machine is already installed; otherwise, the default value is No).

This requires a java interpreter version 1.5 or higher. If Java interpreter isn't found the property value is automatically set to No. A new property 'Java Interpreter' allows to set the path of the interpreter in all generators but Java. In case of java generator, the value of 'Java Interpreter' is taken from 'Interpreter path' model property.

Note: The purpose of this property is to obfuscate the static code. In order to get better performance in the transfer of static files from server to client, you should enable static files compression in the web server:

How to enable HTTP Compression in Java (Tomcat)

How to enable HTTP Compression in .NET (IIS)

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This property is deprecated since Genexus X Evolution 2 version. It means, as of GeneXus X Evolution 2, all standard jscript and CSS are automatically compressed unless Javascript debug mode property is enabled.


Languages: .NET, Java, Ruby
Interfaces: Web