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It is important for GeneXus developers to be aware of what they have to do, after changing object properties and general preferences, to be sure the changes are applied to the generated application, specially for properties in the following levels:


Preferences are the Knowledge Base, Version, Environment, Generator and Data store level properties.

Depending on the changed property, you will need to execute different operations to reflect the change in the generated code; refer to each property documentation for further information.

  • Build any object
  • Rebuild all objects
  • Create Database

Build any object

Some properties are translated to configuration file changes (i.e. the property value is just stored in a file that the generated application access to behave accordingly). If you change one of these properties you will need to force the generation of any object using the Build With This Only operation.

This operation will update the configuration file.

Some examples are the following properties:

Rebuild all objects

For those cases when a property implementation affects the objects generation, a complete Rebuild All operation is needed to apply the change Knowledge Base wide.

Some examples are the following properties:

Create Database

When a property change impacts the database definition, you will need to execute the Create Database Tables Build option to apply the change.

Some examples are the following properties:

Object Level

When changing an Object property, you will have to build the object for the change to apply. To build the object you may use either of the following Build submenu options:

Notice that there are some cases when a Create Database is needed; it will be detailed there too.

What to do to make sure a property change is applied?

If you are in doubt whether to execute a Rebuild All or Rebuild any object operation, check the property documentation.

Each property details when a build \ build any object \ rebuild all operation is needed, you will notice the How to apply changes? tag with the following values:



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