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These are the most frequently used build options. They work with a selected Main Object, which can either be the Startup Object or the Main object pointed to with the mouse. The typical scenario is one where you have a Main object set as the Startup Object, you change some objects and then press F5 (assigned by default to the Run command) to test the changes.

These options include the following steps:

Steps Comments
Save any unsaved objects The step stops on errors
Reorganize the database if necessary The step stops on errors
Specify only objects that have changed (Build) or force the specification of all objects (Rebuild) belonging to the selected Main object call tree (*).
Consider also objects references in the properties of KB Version (except Startup Object), Environment and Generator, with their call tree.
The step stops on errors
Generate The step does not stop on errors
Compile the selected Main object The step stops on errors
Deploy The step stops on errors
Execute the selected Main object (Run)  

(*)The call tree of a Main object is "cut" on every other Main object found unless the Call tree for build option is set to full.

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