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This channel is updated with bits of GeneXus that are highly probable to be part of the upcoming official upgrade of GeneXus.


GeneXus 18 upgrade 7 is being prepared. Get updated information at GeneXus 18 upgrade 7.


Files of this channel are updated every day, provided automated tests return the expected quality level.

What is a Preview?

A Preview is a Build corresponding to the branch from which the upcoming upgrade will be released. We call it 'Preview' to not get confused with the Builds of the GeneXus Beta Channel.

Note that Previews are not official, publicly released versions. 

Why a preview?

Because we live in a world with constant technological changes, GeneXus SA is committed to keeping up with the pace of evolution, which implies releasing new versions, generators, products, etc.

Releasing an upgrade is part of it, and the foregoing testing phase is crucial for its quality. 

Our objective is to encourage our clients to actively participate in the testing process of our upgrades,  as it implies having implementations reviewed and tested by the users of the upgrade to be released. For this, we share fixes and new functionalities with you and allow you to use them, as well as receive your comments, suggestions, and/or criticism.


To Previews apply the same rules as to Beta versionsHere you can read the rules.


Error reports must refer to problems found in this preview that did not appear in the previous version. For any other queries and/or reports regarding previous versions, the incident report method must be used (

Please send any issue that does not happen in previous versions to gxpreview at so that we can fix it before releasing the upcoming upgrade.

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