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The Business Component (BC) concept provides a way to use all the power of a Transaction object from other GeneXus objects.

It allows updating the database from any object, executing Transactions in a 'silent' mode (without showing its forms) but taking advantage of all the benefits offered by them!

Most important benefits

  • Database update guaranteeing data integrity
  • Less coding: The business logic defined in the Transaction is reused (rules and formulas are triggered, etc.)
  • All GeneXus objects can update the database: For example in a Web Panel object the only way to update directly the database (without calling a Procedure object) is using the business component concept.
  • Rest: A Business Component may be exposed as a Rest web service.
  • SOA interface: A Business Component may be defined as a SOAP web service, allowing updates via SOAP.
  • EJB: A Business Component can be defined as a Enterprise Java Bean so you can execute it in an EJB Container of any J2EE Server.

Business Component definition

Every Transaction offers the Business Component property to define it as a Business Component.

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