Service Oriented Architecture

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Adam Bosworth has an interesting post in his blog named Adam Bosworth paints the big picture about SOA.

More comments about the same presentation in CTO Forum: BEA exec hails service-oriented architectures

Clemens Vasters has a 2 hours presentation here. The ppts are here.

Some comments on this presentation:

  • There are no more 'green field'. You can go to a company and start an application from scratch, you always need to integrate with something.


  • There are no 'legacy applications'. A company is always in an evolution process so the todays applications need to integrate with tomorrow's one and the this ones with the past. Applications must be designed for integration.



  • You can't choose the perfect platform and move everything to it, because in the future the perfect platform will be another.



Note: these comments fit perfectly with the GX messages biggrin.

More info in here.


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