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Executes something equivalent to what happens when you type an identifier value in a Transaction Form and exit the field. All the data corresponding to that identifier are loaded into memory (in this case in a variable based on a Business Component).


&VarBasedOnBC.Load(PKAttri1, ..., PKAttriN)

      Is a variable defined in a GeneXus object, based on a Business Component.

PKAttri1, ..., PKAttriN
      Are the values that make up the Primary Key of a Transaction first level.
      It must be a valid value for the Primary Key of the Transaction set as a Business Component and the &VbleBasedOnBC variable was defined based on it.


  &Customer.CustomerEmail = ''

The above code loads in memory a Customer by applying the Load method to the variable based on the Customer Business Component data type. Then, the next line of code modifies the Customer email by assigning a certain value to the &Customer.CustomerEmail property. The third line of code updates physically the record (by applying the Save method to the variable). Finally, the Commit command is executed (which is indispensable).

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