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When you work with GeneXus for a significant period of time, you manage different GeneXus Versions, Upgrades, Previews, Beta versions, and builds. This article defines those concepts and puts everything in its place.

First of all, you have to know that GeneXus evolves continuously, and is continuously delivered also. 

Several release channels deliver builds that you may adopt depending on your needs. Some channels deliver more innovation, others more stability, some are updated every day, others take longer to be updated.

Production Process

The following image shows our process and the resulting channels. Although the image dates back to GeneXus 16, this process is still the one GeneXus follows, since GeneXus 15


As you can see, the highest innovation takes place in the beta channel. Once the quality of a new feature or improvement is met in the Beta Channel, it is merged into the Preview Channel. Once again, if the quality is assured, it is released in the upcoming GeneXus Upgrade (or Version)

GeneXus Release Channel

This channel contains the latest GeneXus Upgrade to the latest GeneXus Version. In general terms, it contains a stable release: The latest official stable release of GeneXus.

It is updated every two months.

More information at GeneXus Release Channel.

It is important to notice that a new GeneXus Version is released from this very channel too, so, technically speaking, a version is an upgrade, and this is one of the reasons you can move smoothly from one version or upgrade to another version or upgrade.

GeneXus Preview Channel

This channel contains the bits that are going to be released in the upcoming stable release (version or upgrade).

It is updated every day, automatically, provided the automated tests that are run before updating it assure the expected quality.  It does not contain officially released versions, so its quality is not as high as the one of a stable release.

More information at GeneXus Preview Channel.

GeneXus Beta Channel

This channel contains bits that may be released in an upcoming stable release (version or upgrade), or not. It also contains code that is still under research. 

It is updated every day, provided the automated tests that are run before updating it assure the expected quality. Its stability is not as high as the one of a Preview. Of course, It does not contain officially released versions.

More information at GeneXus Beta Channel.



A new Version of GeneXus includes changes ranging from major and/or relevant changes to minor changes.

Examples of major and/or relevant changes are:

  • Significant changes to the GeneXus IDE
  • Changes that affect the GeneXus programming methodology (i.e. a new Report or Web Panel editor)
  • Support for new application environments (i.e. support for Mobile applications)
  • Support for new technologies and updates of any kind

Since GeneXus 15, a new version is released every two years.

Example of a GeneXus Version: GeneXus 17.


After a Version is released, new Upgrades are released which contain further improvements of any kind to that specific version following the process stated above.

Example of a GeneXus Upgrade: GeneXus 17 Upgrade 5.


A Preview is a Build published at the GeneXus Preview Channel.


Beta is a stage of a product or version.

More information at About Beta Versions.


A build is a specific set of bits delivered typically in a setup or zip in one of the above-mentioned channels. 

More information at About Builds.

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