Manage Module References

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The Manage Module Reference option is another intended (along with Knowledge Manager Import) for knowledge-sharing among developers. You can install a module provided by other developers that have packaged their funcionalities for distribution. 

The Manage Module Reference dialog allows you to:

  1. Look for external modules on servers (including your local machine).
  2. Install, Update, or Restore a module to the KB
  3. Get information about the module, such as its version, author, description, license, platforms available, etc.


The Install/Update process updates the Output window with relevant process status, warnings, and errors. Make sure it is open to see the information.


Symptom: When Installing, "pmm0037: Maven installation not found."

error: Error downloading module '<module>' from 'Global Matrix' (internal error: 'pmm0037: Maven installation not found. Please, add Maven installation 'bin' path to environment variable 'PATH'.').

Reason: GeneXus requires Maven 3.6.1 or higher for installing modules from a Nexus Modules Server.
Solution: You must update Maven. 


When and how is the GeneXus module updated in a KB?