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The following is the License Agreement that accompanies the setup of the GeneXus Trial edition:


Conditions of Use of the GeneXus Trial Intellectual Property License

1. This agreement governs the intellectual property license of copies of GeneXus Trial, a knowledge-based intelligent tool that automatically designs, generates and maintains databases and applications.

2. GeneXus S.A. (hereinafter Manufacturer) declares and the USER agrees that the intellectual creation of GeneXus and the GeneXus, GXflow, GXplorer, GXportal, GXquery and GXserver names and logos, as well as any other trademark that Manufacturer may launch in connection with GeneXus, regardless of whether or not they are registered, are the property of Manufacturer. The current agreement does not imply, either directly or indirectly, any transfer of Manufacturership nor does it entitle the USER to transfer the licenses which are the subject matter hereof.

3. The USER agrees to use the GeneXus Trial without disclosing or using for his or her own benefit, any of the ideas and techniques on which GeneXus is based. In particular, the user agrees not to reverse engineer it in order to interpret its code, nor to enable others to do so.

4. In no event shall the USER be allowed to duplicate or disable the protection mechanisms against non-authorized use of GeneXus. The Manufacturer reserves the right to modify these mechanisms and/or add new ones at any time.

5. In compliance with the general terms, the Manufacturer grants the USER a license for the GeneXus Trial tool under the following conditions:

a)   Each licensed copy will be able to work on one microcomputer.  The USER agrees not to use any of them in more than one microcomputer at the same time.              

b)   This license is non-exclusive and non-transferable. 

c)   The USER will use the GeneXus programs and documentation exclusively for personal use, for evaluation purposes, and agrees not to provide copies of any of them to third parties. Except for Academic Partners, if other conditions are specified in the Academic Partner Agreement.

d)   In no event shall Manufacturer be liable, either implicitly or explicitly, for any incidental damages to users relating directly or indirectly to the use of the GeneXus Trial.

e)   The USER agrees to use the license in compliance with the instructions and specifications indicated in the materials associated with it. 

f)    The GeneXus Trial version will be active for a maximum of 60 days. The said version only includes the .NET and Native Mobile generators. In addition, SQL Server is the only database supported in this version and it will allow creating a maximum of 90 attributes and 250 objects.

g)   The USER agrees to use the GeneXus Trial to develop applications that DO NOT infringe any law or regulation at the international or local level in any territory.

h)   In no event shall the USER be allowed to develop an application with the GeneXus Trial and deploy it to an application server other than the one provided by the tool, which is indicated in the ‘Deploy Server URL’ property of the IDE.

i)    The generated applications have server-side components that in this version can only be run on web servers (Cloud Computing) provided by the Manufacturer. For them to be run locally or on corporate platforms (On-Premise), the Full version is required. The GeneXus Trial will expire 60 days after it has been requested, and the same applies to the application(s) and database(s) created by the user and residing in the prototyping server, which is indicated in the ‘Deploy Server URL’ property of the IDE.

j)  The user declares that he has read the Terms and Conditions associated with the use of the GeneXus ™ Prototyping Cloud at By using the associated services on the cloud imply the acceptance of those terms.

6. By installing this licensed software product you accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement. 

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