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What is GXtest?

GXtest is the test automation solution for GeneXus-based applications. Each component adds different automation layers to GeneXus' development lifecycle, such as Unit Testing and UI Test Automation.

All tests are designed to run under CI / CD servers such as Jenkins, by spinning dockerized containers harnessing DevOps culture. This means that tests can easily run on the developer's IDE, over on-premises / PaaS solutions or even in the cloud.

Where can you get it?

GXtest is currently included inside GeneXus IDE.

GXtest is published continuously over Beta and Preview GeneXus channels. You can look at the mapping between every GeneXus and GXtest versions.


GXtest License

GXtest has both free and licensed features. See the details about the licensing model.

GXtest is built by GeneXus and Abstracta.

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