Tests Explorer window

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The Tests Explorer window shows a hierarchy including all the test objects present in the currently open Knowledge Base, and its parents' folders.

Tests Explorer window structure


1. Filters

This section has two filters and one information label.

  • Searchbox: input field to filter test objects by their name
  • Tests count: shows the number of test objects present in the KB and the number of tests currently shown due to applied filters
  • Test type filter: allows user to view all tests, only unit tests, only web UI tests, only SD UI tests, or only Test Suites.

2. Tests tree

This is the main section and shows a tree structure that contains test objects and their ancestors. Disabled tests will be shown in gray.

3. Run button

Click it to run all the checked test nodes.

Contextual menu options

There are four different contextual menu options available on this window: Record Mocking Data, Run This Test, Enable/Disable This Test and Run This Suite.


Record Mocking Data

Runs the selected test saving mocking data for future local executions. See Database Mocking for more information about this feature.

Run This Test

Runs the selected test.

Run This Suite

Runs the selected suite.

Enable/Disable This Test

Enables/disables the selected test.

Drag and drop

Relocating tests and other objects present on the tree structure performing drag and drop actions is supported. Take into account that only folders that already contain tests are shown and, if you leave any container object (module. folder, or testable KBObject) empty, it will be removed from this view since it no longer contains a test.